Code of Stability

We modify our company according to the market scenario where the products and methods change Every-day. We have a dynamic and a flexible nature. This allows us to have refurbished opportunities.

Standard of Expertise

Every Individual gets a chance to utilize their skills and improve organizational growth. We believe that perfectionist's approach should be adopted and implemented. This lead us to increase our clientele list across the globe.

Ahead of client's need

Due to the unpredictable market asks, we are always ready with a new product, opportunity or connection. We keep on cultivating innovative and perfect products with passion. In this way, we have weathered the storm and reached these successful heights.

Our Company

Fact Trading Co. is a Ceramic Raw Materials providing company, having its presence since 1995, located in Morbi, Gujarat. The only purpose of establishing this company is to supply excellent raw material to a progressively flourishing ceramic industry in the utmost customer-oriented manner. Along with the growth of the ceramic industry, trade and reputation of Fact Trading Co. have enlarged. To fulfill our clients growing requirements, we came up with an expansion plan which posses' wide range of quality raw material and professionalism in business. Hence, in the present times, we offer a well and polished rounded choice of materials & tools for Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary ware manufacturer.

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Explore Products

The customer's perception is the only reality that a business is entitled to acknowledge in the current times. We provide various types of Quality Raw material for ceramic tiles as well as sanitary wares manufacturers. Given below is a list of our various products.


Team Adaptability

Our company has a Formidable team that knows the difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win. The team is ready for every initiation or challenge, which is a rare buzz found in today's competitive Era. Our team has the intelligence to comprehend the needs of the clients in an upbeat way and does not compensate in putting dedicated efforts where there lies a new demand in their wake. Our Team is an phenomenal example when it comes to being adaptable and flexible to the upcoming trends in the market.

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Quality Standard

Satisfying our customer's quality standards is the most important Motto of Fact Trading co. we strive to provide materials that prove worthy of every renowned work of our clients and thrive harder to meet their varied expectations on varied products. Fact Trading co. meets all of the objectives with eager intentions. Quality is not just about beating the competitor, it is a commitment to ourselves and our clients that they would not be let down.

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Productivity assembled with proactive efforts is the greatest Combination for any entrepreneur and we throw in the best cluster of our efforts and come up with the ultimate productive products. Ceramic Industry is alive on quality, and our productivity-infused products assure the essence of good quality. No entity can be possible without the best materials. With the talent to balance between good use of resources and perfection in the processes, we make the best productivity available.

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Customer service is not a department, it's everyone's job. We at fact trading Co. are proud to admit the fact that no customer leaves our doorstep unheeded or unsatisfied, which is the biggest achievement even than a Fiscal Fortune. Here are some of the testimonies of the customers, which we are proud to present to the world.

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