About Us

Fact Trading Co. is a Ceramic Raw Materials providing company, having its presence since 1995, located in Morbi, Gujarat. The only purpose of establishing this company is to supply excellent raw material to a progressively flourishing ceramic industry in the utmost customer-oriented manner. Along with the growth of the ceramic industry, trade and reputation of Fact Trading Co. have enlarged. To fulfill our clients growing requirements, we came up with an expansion plan which posses' wide range of quality raw material and professionalism in business. Hence, in the present times, we offer a well and polished rounded choice of materials & tools for Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary ware manufacturer. Irrespective of you being ceramicist, sculptor, mold creator or proficient potter, we have a resolution for you all.

Nowadays, in this cut-throat competition, the authenticity of material becomes a key aspect of the company's growth, which is delivered by us. Being a responsible supplier, it is strongly believed by Fact Trading Co. that customer's objects can always be assembled satisfactorily by understanding their every kind of phase of the built-up method. With growing globalization & liberalization across the globe, Fact Trading Co. successfully adapted professionalism which helped to achieve growth and success. With these passing years, we have acquired excellence of not to leave any stone unturned to satisfy our esteemed clients as we are more than suppliers, we actually provide every bit of quality in our raw products.

Fact Trading Co. with its founding members has put every effort to support the ceramic industry with a new approach by way of vast experience and technical knowledge.


Our vision is to analyze the problem of our renowned clients and serve long term solutions for their business security using contemporary rigging.


Our mission is to keep providing A1 quality of raw materials which would become a shield to our clients and protect them from every hitch. Alongside, spreading our wings into the international market to promote research for continuously better performance.

Our Core Values


We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service together and deliver premium value to our clients.


We are passionate to excel from end to end quality and delight our clients to enjoy their work.


Our journey of 25 years is a live example of credibility we hold in the market.


Our consistency on the same product has helped us to excel.


Commitment develops trust among clients, we ought to maintain it.


We have established ourselves in the market for 25 years, which allows us to experiment and succeed with various products that we consider as an achievement. It is a matter of pride since us. The achievements are Zirconium Highest sale 700mt per month, SLS, Barium Carbonate, Zinc Oxide, Soda Ash, STPP, Boric Acid etcetera the products which are sold at the highest number every month. Along with this, we are working with the prominent dealers, they are, Golcha, GHCL, Endeka, Vishnu, Y Bork (Russia)

About Directors of Fact Trading Co.

Managing Director of Fact Trading Co. 'Mr. C. D. Patel', who is a ceramic engineer with experience of more than a decade, has consulted many owners and manufacturers of the Ceramic industry prior to commencement of their project and has also given sheer attention after the establishment of the project. Moreover, he has been privileged to work for the Ceramic Cluster Development project, by the Government of Gujarat CGCRI, Naroda in Ahmadabad. He has an incredible record of 5 years as a Project Assistant, which has excelled in his skills and added new aspects of the world into the development of the Ceramic Industry.

The other backbone of Fact Trading Co. was Late 'Mr. Suresh Patel' Who looked after the Financial Department. Since Establishment, he had been serving with the finest of his knowledge for financial strategies to procure and disbursement economy of the company.

Success Journey

We would take an opportunity to thank all our peers and well-wishers for supporting our endeavors. We could reach this milestone with the firm dedication of our team members. In the last 25 years, Fact Trading Co. has grown professionally and met all the expectations of the Ceramic Industry. All these passing years have helped us to mold ourselves into the requirement of the ceramic industry, which made us reach our new heights and meet our achievements. At the present time, we possess the ability to handle every piece of need from supplying to technical subjects. Our biggest strength is serving in Technicalportions to the ceramic industry. The key role is played by our proficient and highly trained technicians in the progress of our company. In addition, the reputation which is netted by us in all these years has put us a step forward among our contender friends. As believed by our co-founders, it is essential to follow the below-mentioned functions for us to grow in this competitive market.

  • To have Technical knowledge and how it is useful for the industry
  • Need of Technical involvement in the ceramic Industry
  • To maintain consistency in Managerial Expertise
  • To give first precedence to Customer Satisfaction

As the ratio of every element in the raw material decides the quality of the finished goods, we undergo precise investigation before distributing the materials to customer; we also ensure all goods matches & suites the needs of the customer. This process includes in-house assessments chemically & physically. We are trained with patience which helps us to carry out every minute step of the process with uttermost accuracy and then starts supplying it. Knowing all the sensitivity of the product and its process of production, every action is performed by an expert, we supply all goods with conveyed loyalty.

Customer: Heart of Fact Trading Co.

It's Vital to know what our customers want most and what our company does best. When we focus on where these two meet, we answer ourselves on every question we have regarding the success of our business.

We do not focus on finding the customers for our products; instead we make products for our customers which assuage them to rely on our every form of business that we conduct with them.

In order to ascertain this, we have major hands on deck as suppliers which are as follows:

  • To maintain consistency in supplied goods.
  • To keep given words by delivering goods timely.
  • To supply goods incessantly with sheer similarity.
  • To take regular feedback and follow up allows us to improve every time.

Our first and foremost focus is to maintain regularity in the products of goods on time with standard quality. This is the key aspect that would maintain our clienteles' reliability on us. Secondly, as we are the immediate link to our customer's production unit, dispatch of supplies on time becomes an elementary obligation. We hold upon optimum inventory philosophy, which asserts to perform all existing network operations much faster.

We believe in pleasing our customers by all means, on this note, we pay them weekly visit to ensure and confirm whether we have fulfilled all their expectations. At the time of weekly visits, we intend to take their opinion and implications on the changing requirements, which would help us to make our entire supply procedure more efficient. All these things are practiced in order to make clients achieve their goals which will surely help us to achieve ours.